Cooling System Repairs

At Lake County Auto Service, we understand that your vehicle's cooling system is essential for maintaining optimal engine performance and preventing overheating. Our comprehensive cooling system service and repair ensures that your car runs smoothly, no matter the conditions.

Our Cooling System Services Include:

1. Cooling System Inspection

Thorough inspection of the radiator, hoses, belts, and water pump.Checking for leaks, cracks, and wear that could lead to potential failures.

2. Coolant Flush and Replacement

Draining old coolant and refilling with the correct type and mixture.Removing rust, scale, and other contaminants to improve system efficiency.

3. Radiator Repair and Replacement

Expert repair of damaged or leaking radiators.Replacement of radiators that are beyond repair to ensure proper cooling.

4. Thermostat Replacement

Testing and replacing faulty thermostats to maintain proper engine temperature.Ensuring your engine warms up quickly and stays at the optimal temperature.

5. Water Pump Service

Inspecting and replacing worn or leaking water pumps.Ensuring proper coolant circulation throughout the engine.

6. Hose and Belt Replacement

Inspecting and replacing cracked or worn-out hoses and belts.Preventing unexpected breakdowns and maintaining system integrity.

Why Choose Lake County Auto Service?

Experienced Technicians: Our skilled technicians are trained to handle all aspects of cooling system maintenance and repair.Advanced Diagnostics: We use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to accurately identify and fix issues.Quality Parts: We only use high-quality parts and fluids to ensure long-lasting repairs.Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize your satisfaction, offering transparent pricing and excellent customer service.

Schedule Your Cooling System Service Today

Don't wait until your engine overheats. Keep your vehicle in top condition with Lake County Auto Service's cooling system maintenance and repair. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the peace of mind that comes with professional care.

Shop: 3316 N. Hwy 19A Mount Dora, FL 32757

Shop: 3316 N. Hwy 19A Mount Dora, FL 32757

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